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Food & Water

Food Search

Hopefully, you already have a consistent source of food, but sometimes that’s not an easy thing to have. Here are some resources that might help.


Discount bulk stores can offer a lot of cheap groceries. Try finding some near you.


Fast-food chains can offer a lot for cheap. In general, try to eat more than just fast food, it’s notoriously bad for your health. But if it’s all you can find, take it.

If the above suggestions are hard to come by...

Look for soup kitchens in your area. These can be packed but if you are able to get in you’ll be provided with some warm food and temporary shelter to relax. Small-town shelters are usually less packed and safer, look for those if you can. 

Find local restaurants that might be willing to provide you with a free meal. Offer to do dishes or take out the garbage in return. Make sure to be as courteous as you can.


Another option you can try is looking in dumpsters behind bakeries. Bakeries generally produce a lot of baked goods that end up going to waste.


If you are somewhere that doesn’t offer these options...


look for gardens. Be careful of berries and mushrooms, but generally, most vegetables and fruits growing in gardens are easily recognizable and safe. When in doubt, watch to see if any animals are avoiding or eating something, and use that as advice.


Do a test first if it’s the first time you’ll be eating it, put a little bit on your lip and wait a few hours. If it goes well, then it’s safe to eat. Otherwise, don’t have it.

Also, look for areas with water. Where there’s water, there’s life. You might find fruit, vegetables, or even animals you can hunt. 

Water Search

For water, if you are in the U.S. especially, you should be able to go into any restaurant and ask for a cup of water. It can be considered “reckless endangerment” if you are not given water. In most first-world countries, it’s similar as well.


Large department stores like Costco and Walmart can have cheap large gallons of water.


Water filters can also be a great way to get clean water.

If the previous suggestions are hard to make happen

Try volunteering to do some work in exchange for water. Also, try asking people for help. This can be tricky, people can be horrible, especially to those less fortunate, but there are good people out there. Just be courteous and prepared to leave if any trouble arises.


If you are able to purchase a water filter in any way, get one! That will help you drink from most outdoor water sources.


  • Consider buying food and water in bulk or from discount retailers.

  • Look for food and water in gardens if you need to.

  • Consider volunteering for food and water.

  • Look into shelters and soup kitchens.

  • Purchase a water filter if you can so that you can drink from lots of natural resources.

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