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Financial Security

Image by Emilio Takas

Financial security is another important factor that can help you feel safe. Knowing that you'll be having a stable income to live will help reduce stress, and this will contribute to your body functioning better overall.

Look for jobs wherever you can. Apply everywhere that you might be qualified for. Common job boards like and Google job postings will have lots of options you can look through.

Craigslist jobs are also another great option. Those usually get less traffic which means you have a higher chance of your application being seen and thus a higher chance of getting an interview.

If you're unhappy with your current job or looking to switch careers, learning new skills online can be a great way to do so. There are some free or cheap resources that can help you learn such as Udemy or Coursera. You can also consider applying to different roles within your company or asking a manager for ways to move up.

Do some interview prep with some online practice questions and get help from friends or family to do mock interviews.

Make sure your resume stands out and is formatted well. There are free online resources that can help you do so.

If you are a student, your school might offer these services for free.

You might also want to consider ways to supplement your income. This can be through a second job or through some online gig work.

Image by Austin Distel

Once you're able to figure out your job situation, there are some additional things you can do to further expand your financial security.

Having an emergency savings account is a great way to be ready for anything difficult that may arise financially. It's recommended that it contain 3x the amount of what you spend monthly. Regularly keeping track of your spending and having some sort of budgeting method will help you to set aside money regularly until you can reach your savings account goal. You'll also want to put money into a retirement account, which some consider to be a type of savings account.

Budgeting is also a great way to help you set aside money regularly to pay off any debts you have. It's important to try paying off your debts immediately if there's any interest involved. This is because that interest will grow as time goes by, and you'll end up paying for interest more than for the actual debt.

In addition to budgeting for savings accounts and debt payoff, budgeting to set aside money for financial investments can also be very beneficial. There are lots of different ways to explore investments such as through stocks. There are some online resources that can help you figure this out, and you might even want to consider a consultation with a financial advisor if you can afford to do so.

And finally, budgeting will help you keep track of your overall spending and avoid getting into sudden financial stress.


  • Online job boards can be an easy way to apply to jobs.

  • Learning a new skill can help you switch careers or move up in your current role.

  • Practicing interviews and making sure you have a good resume will help you stand out during the application process.

  • Consider additional ways to maintain financial security such as establishing savings accounts, retirement accounts, and financial investments.

  • Budgeting and paying off debts will help you maintain a steady balance financially.

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